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BUU Spine Dataset


The Burapha Spine Dataset version 0.1 are labeled LSPINE X-ray image dataset. The dataset consists of 400 pairs of images with various resolutions sizes. 1 pair of images include AP view (Anterior view) and LA view (Lateral view). Each image was labeled each of the edge of the lumbar spines and diagnosis with 4 spine disorders which include Anterolisthesis, Retrolisthesis Left Laterolisthesis, and Right Laterolisthesis. The diagnosis was done by the physicians. All the LA view images in this dataset are left lateral view (patient look to the left side of the image) and all of the right lateral view images (patient look to the right side of the image) are flipped to left lateral view.

The labeled lines in this dataset are the upper and lower edges of all lumbar. The lines output csv files are the coordinate of the points of the labeled lines. Spine disorder diagnoses are marked in the lower edge lines of the lumbar.

Datasets info

Type :Plain Film
View :AP, LA
The number of images :400 pairs of images (1 pair consist of 2 images: AP view and LA View)
Filetype :.jpg (X-ray images),
.csv (coordinate of the labelled lines and diagnosis)
  • This dataset contains unique spine plain film 400 pairs of images (AP view and LA view)
  • Gender: 127 male pairs of images, 273 female pairs of images
  • Collect from 400 unique patients.
  • Minimum age = 6-year-old, Maximum age = 89-year-old, Average age = 50.2125-year-old

Image Naming

Example: “0005-F-025Y0”, “0005-F-025Y1”, “0069-M-039Y0”, and “0069-M-039Y1”


  • First 4 characters is an image’s identification number. (“0005-F-025Y0”)
  • The 6th character can be “F” or “M” for identified gender of the patient. (“0005-F-025Y0”)
  • 3 digits number which start from the 8th to 10th is an age of the patient. (“0005-F-025Y0”)
  • Last character is an image’s type: “0” is an AP View and “1” is a LA View (“0005-F-025Y0”)


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