Registration Information

  1. Each accepted paper needs at least 1 regular/student or IEEE member registration. Otherwise, the paper cannot be included in ICAICTA conference proceedings.
    Note that ONE author registration will cover only ONE paper.
  2. To be eligible for publication in IEEEXplore, an author of a paper is required to present his/her paper. IEEE reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference (i.e. removal from IEEE Xplore), if the paper is not presented at the conference.
  3. Member of IEEE must declare a valid membership status (such as, a copy of member card or other membership evidences upon registration).
  4. Students must declare a valid student status (such as a copy of student card or other evidences).
  5. Please register and upload the evidences together with the paper ID & title with in Registration fee section below .   

Registration fee


  Non IEEE / ECTI Member IEEE / ECTI Member
Regular author US$300.-     US$225.-      
Student Author US$150.-      


Response to the Comments of Reviewers, Copyright-Transfer, Author-Biography, Payment-Slip of your paper, valid IEEE membership status (if any) and valid student status, are required by August 3, 2015.

Participants for the ICAICTA2015

  Early bird
before August 3, 2015
before August 15, 2015
Regular US$120.- US$150.-
Student Participant / Reviewer / Committee  Member US$100.- US$120.-
Thai Student Group Participant (Observer)
include Lunch, Break, and Banquet but without conference souvenir

Please Note that: Payment-Slip, and valid student status (if any), are required by August 15, 2015.



    1. Regular author, student author, regular participant, student participant, reviewer and committee member Registration covers Abstract book, USB, CD-ROM, Bag, Souvenir, Coffee-Break, Lunch, and Banquet (August 20, 2015).
    2. Thai Student Group Participant (Observer) covers CD-ROM, Lunch, Coffee-Break, and Banquet (August 20, 2015).
    3. Additional ticket for banquet on August 20, 2015 is 650 THB (available at the registration desk)
    4. Additional ticket for lunch and coffee-break on August 20, 2015 is 650 THB for adult and 300 THB per child (under 12 yrs) (available at the registration desk)
    5. Additional ticket for lunch and coffee-break on August 21, 2015 is 650 THB for adult and 300 THB per child (under 12 yrs) (available at the registration desk)

Method of Payment:

1.PayPal Payments (Accept credit cards and PayPal account)

Please note that the payer is responsible for any PayPal fee or charge.

Payment Type  

PaperID (For Regular Author or IEEE Member Author only)

Participant Name/Author Name


2.Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer to Saving Account, Krung Thai Bank
Bank Branch: Laemthong, Bangsaen
Account Number: 386-0-50264-6
Account Name: Faculty of Informatics