Please CAREFULLY modify and check your camera-ready format with the IEEE Camera-Ready Template as shown in item 1.

  1. Download documents before your modifications:



  1. THE AUTHORS ARE REQUIRED TO INSERT THE ISBN NUMBER THEMSELVES. It should appear ONLY IN THE LEFT BOTTOM PART OF THE FIRST PAGE of the paper. In the word template you may replace the text in the existing footnote where it says “Identify applicable sponsor/s here. If no sponsors, delete this text box. (sponsors)”. Please make sure that your paper includes the appropriate copyright clearance footer by choosing your case from the options below:


      • For papers in which all authors are employed by the US government, the copyright notice is:
        U.S. Government work not protected by U.S. copyright
      • For papers in which all authors are employed by a Crown government (UK, Canada, and Australia), the copyright notice is:
        978-1-4673-8143-7/15/$31.00 ©2015 Crown
      • For papers in which all authors are employed by the European Union, the copyright notice is:
        978-1-4673-8143-7/15/$31.00 ©2015 European Union
      • For all other papers the copyright notice is:
        978-1-4673-8143-7/15/$31.00 ©2015 IEEE


  1. The PDF file characteristics for publishing in the IEEEXplore® Database are described in summary as follows:


      • Paper size:A4
      • Maximum number of pages: 6
      • PDF Version: 1.4  (Acrobat 5) or later
      • NO Bookmarks or Links
      • NO Passwords or Security setting
      • MUST use PDF Distiller
      • NO Allow Crop Marks, Registration Marks, or Other Marks
      • Embedded All Fonts
      • NO Contains Merged Files or Packaged PDF
      • NO Contain Attachments
      • Work with all kind of PDF Viewer


  1. Before submitting your final camera-ready format, the authors have to visit conference’s PDF eXpress site in order to check your PDFs file to determine if they are IEEE Xplore®-compatible by July 31, 2015.


      • Log in to the IEEE PDF eXpress™ site (
      • For first-time users should do the following:
        • Select the New Users – Click Here link.
        • Enter the following:
          • Conference ID :  37081X
          • Your email address
          • A password
        • Continue to enter information as prompted.
        • An Online confirmation will be displayed and an email confirmation will be sent for verifying your account setup.
      • Existing users of PDF eXpress need to follow the previous steps with the same email and password which were used for previous conferences.


* Please note that failure to follow the above instructions may lead to the exclusion of the Final Manuscript from the conference proceedings.


  1. The final camera ready file in IEEE Xplore®-compatible PDF is required by July 31, 2015. To be submitted again at using your email as login.


  1. ‘Proof of payment’(scanned copy of payment document), together the Application form, the Response to the Comments of Reviewers, Copyright-Transfer, Author-Biography, valid IEEE membership status (if any) and valid student status (if any) are required by July 31, 2015. Please REGISTER and UPLOAD all documents at Registration-fee Page.


“IMPORTANT NOTE: To be eligible for publication in IEEE Xplore®, an author of a paper is required to register for the conference and the paper must be presented. IEEE reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference (i.e. removal from IEEE Xplore) if the paper is not presented at the conference.”


Successful registration and the acceptance of the final submission will be acknowledged via email to the designated corresponding author. The printed receipt of the conference fee will be issued at the time of the conference.

If you have any question, please email to: